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7 High Protein Rajma Curry Recipes Perfect For Lunch Or Dinner by – Top Catering Services Lucknow

Rajma, also called as Kidney Beans is one of those Indian pulses that is loved by everyone. Especially, when we hear Rajma Chawal, our hunger keeps on increasing. Rajma Curry is one of those curries which is made in every state of India but has a slightly different taste because of the use of local masalas and style of cooking. It is mostly made in North India and is also sold on the streets of Delhi and is enjoyed by many people during winter evenings.

While it is a popular curry in North India, people in South India use Rajma only to make Poriyal and Thoran that is a dry dish and can be served as a side dish with their meals or also eaten as a snack. The most popular is a Punjabi Rajma Curry which is slightly spicy and usually served with Steamed Rice/Jeera Rice and sliced onions. Rajma is also used in Dal Makhani, which adds a crunch and flavour to the dal.

It is not only tasty, but is considered very nutritious also because it is a great source of Protein. Not only this, it has many health benefits such as it is great for diabetes, great for weight loss, Strengthens bones and is also great for your heart.

You can also combine Rajma with other lentils and vegetables to make a different dish such as Dal Makhani where Rajma is cooked along with Masoor Dal or Rajma Saagwala, where Rajma is cooked along with greens. It is usually eaten with Rice, but it goes well along with Phulka and Tawa Paratha too. Other than curries, you can also use Rajma in Salads, Wraps, Sandwich, Cutlet etc.

We know how much you love Rajma, therefore we have lined some delicious Curries where you can use Rajma as the main ingredient. So that next time you are planning to make a Rajma Curry, you try one of these curries.

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