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Carrot Beet Amaranth Super Salad Recipe is a simple, healthy salad fortified with two super-foods combined with fruits, seeds and herbs. It is delicious and filling enough to make a lunch by itself too. Incorporating vegetables of multiple colours – bright-red beetroots, orange thinly sliced carrots – and crunch delivered with golden roasted amaranth and sesame seeds, it also has some much-needed soft chew thanks to the dried figs. It comes together with a zesty dressing of homemade tahini, Italian basil, EVOO, Himalayan pink salt and freshly pounded black pepper. Delicious, healthy, and perfectly balanced in terms of nutrients, flavours and textures, you can serve this salad as a meal by itself for a wholesome Dinner.

Did you know: Amaranth seeds, just like quinoa, are not considered a grain. They are the seed of the amaranth plant, and considered a super-food for many reasons. Amaranth is one of the ancient grains that traces it origin to 8000 years and is great source of protein. In addition to being gluten-free, which makes it a great choice for people who are celiac or unable to digest and process gluten, it contains high amounts of lysine, an essential amino acid missing in most other grains. This makes amaranth a complete protein, because it contains all the essential amino acids required.

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