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Kaccha Kela Aur Bhindi Ki Sabzi Recipe by – Top Catering Services Lucknow

Kaccha Kela Aur Bhindi Ki Sabzi Recipe is an ayurvedic friendly recipe without onion and garlic. The raw banana and ladies finger are separately roasted well till it crisp up and then tossed with basic spices like turmeric powder, hing, pepper powder and salt.

It is completely a dry dish and goes really well with phulkas or just with curd rice. The cooking technique is also very simple and it helps to store more flavor and nutrients in the dish as it is not processed too much.

Raw Banana is a very good diabetic friendly ingredient and is rich in fiber whereas on the other hand ladies finger also helps in preventing diabetics and also controls cholesterol level.

Serve the Kaccha Kela Aur Bhindi Ki Sabzi Recipe along with Gujarati Dal, Lauki Raita and Phulka to enjoy a good weekday meal.

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