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Karuveppilai Chicken Fry Recipe by – Top Catering Services Lucknow

Karuveppilai Chicken Fry Recipe is a delicious protein packed starter that you can make for your family and friends as a special meal. The chicken is cooked  along with roasted curry leaf masala that includes other spices as well.

Fried onions also gives the delicious taste to the whole dish. The taste and aroma is so appetizing when this dish is prepared at home.

Did you know: Curry leaf is a herb that is used often in Indian cooking and it is rich in Iron and folic acid. It is also rich in vitamins which is helpful for diabetics and lowers cholesterol. It is also good for hair growth.

Serve the Karuveppilai Chicken Fry Recipe as an appetizer with chilled Beer or serve it along with a simple Sunday lunch with Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam Recipe – Garlic Rasam Recipe, piping hot Steamed Rice  and Elai Vadam Recipe for a comforting South Indian lunch. 

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