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Maharashtrian Style Farasbi Chi Bhaji Recipe by – Top Catering Services Lucknow

Maharashtrian Style Farasbi Chi Bhaji Recipe, a simple recipe made from French Beans that is made in every Maharashtrian household. Very nutritious and simple to make, you can pack it in your everyday Lunch Box too. 

Here, the beans are cooked in mild goda masala and then tossed with roasted peanut powder to give it a nutty taste.

Did You Know – Farasbi are nothing but French Beans in Marathi. French Beans have many health benefits. It has the highest amount of chlorophyll, which blocks the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines generated when grilling meats at a high temperature, which increases the risk of cancer otherwise.

Hence, it is advised to include beans along with grilled meats in our diets to decrease the risk of cancer. It also, contains large amount of fibre, making it suitable for the overall health across all age groups. 

Serve the Maharashtrian Style Farasbi Chi Bhaji Recipe along with Phulkas and Dal Tadka for a simple weeknight dinner. Serve Boondi Raita to complete this meal.

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