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Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe is riot of flavours in your mouth. The milk is reduced to half its quantity, flavoured with hints of saffron and cardamom and then the star ingredient – meetha paan is added to the reduced milk. 

Sweetened with sugar that needs to be in tandem with the dry meetha paan added to the kulfi. Garnished with some pistachios and dry rose petals, this recipe is an absolute winner. 

This paan flavoured kulfi is then set in an earthen mini pot or matka as we call it. Setting the kulfi in the matka, adds to that earthy flavour in the kulfi. 

Serve Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe after a meal of Amritsari Ajwaini Paneer Recipe, Butter Garlic Naan Recipe, Peas Pulao Recipe, and Onion Raita Recipe. 

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