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Sambal Telor with Nasi Uduk Recipe (Indonesian Style Eggs Cooked in Sambal and Lemongrass Coconut Rice) by – Top Catering Services Lucknow

Indonesian cuisine is known for its vibrant colour and robust flavours. Most of the dishes are simple to prepare with minimal ingredients, but is categorised with its intense flavours. It is fascinating, how every island amongst the 18,000 odd in Indonesia has its own specialised cuisine. Every island uses a different method of cooking and no two dishes prepared in the two islands will taste similar. An Indonesian meal comprises of various components, namely the main flavoured steamed ice, accompanied by various kinds of sambal(spice paste), satay or any grilled meat dish, sautéed water spinach or vegetables, fried anchovies or shallots and salad. Sambal is one of the main flavouring paste or a side dish eaten with pretty much every meal, along with the steamed rice. The authentic sambal is prepared using the dried shrimp paste, however in our recipe we have tweaked it to the likings of the Indian vegetarian palate. Telor means eggs in Bahasa, and forms an integral part of the Indonesian cuisine.

Nasi Uduk is a beautifully flavoured coconut rice. Usually lemongrass, galangal, pandan leaf knots, palm sugar and coriander seeds are used to flavour the Indonesian sticky rice which is cooked in coconut milk. However, we will be flavouring the rice with lemongrass and ginger. The intense flavour of the lemongrass amalgamates pretty well with the subtle coconut milk.

Serve the Sambal Telor with Nasi Uduk Recipe (Indonesian Style Eggs Cooked in Sambal and Lemongrass Coconut Rice) for your weekend brunch along with fresh tender coconut water and surprise your family members.

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